Academic Plan Form

An Academic Plan Form (APF) needs to be submitted by the student each term (quarter/semester) in order to be certified for VA Educational Benefits at UC Davis. The Veterans Success Center cannot certify a student without an updated and accurate Academic Plan Form.

Details of the Academic Plan Form

What is required of the student:

  • Annotate the correct courses (abbreviations) on the Academic Plan Form (e.g. PSY 100, STA 013, etc.). Please include the details of the course (virtual, hybrid, etc.) if applicable
  • Annotate the correct number of units for the course 
  • Ensure your Academic Advisor has reviewed the Academic Plan Form and has signed off on the designated signature line (digital signatures are accepted)
  • Ensure you have read and understood the form and sign it on the designated student signature line
  • Submit the form to UC Davis’ Veterans Success Center via email

Form and More Information

Contact Information

  • UC Davis Veteran Certifying Official
    530-752-2020 |
  • Veterans Administration Educational Office
  • Veterans Administration Direct Deposit Information