Priority Registration for Veterans

Priority registration gives veteran students, active duty members and ROTC cadets the opportunity to start registering for courses prior to their peers. All veteran students, active duty members and ROTC cadets (not including dependents) are eligible for this benefit. Please reach out to the UC Davis Veterans Success Center for more information .

How do I get Priority Registration?

You are given priority registration if you are a veteran currently receiving Department of Veteran Affairs educational benefits, an active duty member or an ROTC cadet. This benefit can be applied from one semester to the next.

If you are a veteran but are not currently receiving educational benefits, you may still be eligible to receive priority registration. To get started you must contact our Veteran Certifying Official and submit proof of your military status.

Contact Information

  • UC Davis Veteran Certifying Official
    530-752-2020 |
  • Veterans Administration Educational Office
  • Veterans Administration Direct Deposit Information